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spanish grammar exercises
set 8, exercise 3 – questions
This is exercise 3 of 3. Please answer all questions on this page.
practica: expresa en espaÑol
OJO: Cuidado con la forma y posición de los adjetivos, y la forma de los verbos.
1.Where are you from? I'm from the United States.

2.Whose dog is it? (""Of whom is the dog?"") It's the old man's.

3.Hey Mary, how old are you? I'm ninety-eight years old. How old are you?

4.What's this? It's a notebook for my French class.

5.I'm very sentimental. That's why I cry (llorar) at romantic movies.

6.Who is the little boy? He's Charles and Diana's son.

7.I am (estar) tired because I work in the evenings.

8.Forty-five ugly cats live (viven) in Carmen's grandmother's house.

9.I don't like Carmen's ugly cats, but I like Paco's skinny dogs.

10.Andy drinks beer at Posse East with your beautiful sister.


Spanish Grammar Exercises
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